Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hospital for Mr E.

Yesterday Eli started running a fever and getting pretty cranky. Called the doc and they had us bring him up to the ER. Chest xrays, lab work, urine catch, admission, etc. Right now all we know is his white count is elevated but we don't know why. Waiting on the doc to round this morning so we can find out what is next.

The garage sale went pretty decent. Got rid of some stuff, and made a bit of money. It was a super hot 2 days!

Bob is at work today and tomorrow, gone a total of 14 hrs each day. He also worked both of his days off again. Puts him at 104hrs these last 2 weeks, with no days off. The hours suck but right now we don't have many options. I called Brian last week and let him know that he was going to have to start paying child support or I was going to have to drop the 4 kids off with him and have him support them until we can catch back up financially. Hoping to hear something back from him soon. But we aren't making it financially and he has GOT to help support his 4 children.

Other than that not much new around here. Will update when we know more.

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