Sunday, June 13, 2010

Glimpse at the Week Ahead

Lots going on this week.
Benjamin has his appt with the orthopedic surgeon. He will get re-xrayed and hopefully will get his cast off. I'm assuming he'll have a brace for a minimum of 2 weeks. I know when he had to have his cast changed 2 weeks ago he was still pretty darned sore. So we will see how it goes.
Eli has another appt with PT, and also has his 1st appt with the dietician. We are super curious to see what she has to say!
I'm also going to be having 2 friends come over! 1 is going to help out with all the little people, and the other is going to help me get the garage organized and ready for a garage sale! Fun stuff!
Eli has his swallow study. We check into the hospital at 9:45. He is having this testing done at our other local hospital. We haven't been there. I can't remember the last time, years ago. And we quit going for a very specific reason, so we'll see how it goes. I'm super nervous about this test. If he is still silent aspirating then we will have to put him on only GT feeds, and nothing by mouth. This is obviously the worst case scenario.
I have finally been able to get my OB appt schedualed. I'm hoping to get some answers and get to the bottom of some of the stuff. A friend of mine has offered to watch the kids so that will definitely make things alot easier!
As of right now **fingers crossed** we have no where to be. I'm hoping to get everything set up for the garage sale though! I also have Stitch and Bitch in the evening, which is one of the main highlights of my week!
Eli has water works, it's with his PT/OT and it's water therapy. This will be his 1st week to go. We will also be having day 1 of the garage sale. Fun stuff.
Garage sale day 2. Also we have our next in home check in with the WSU therapy team, that's working to help set up a behavior system for Mr Ben. Our main therapist will be moving in July, so she will be beginning the transition of getting a new therapist situated and up to date!

In addition we are going to try a new workout program for me. There is so much going on during the day its hard for me to get to the Y in the morning. I'm going to start going 1st thing in the morning on monday, wednesday, thursday before Bob goes to work. Hoping that gets me a bit more consistency! Then on tuesday/friday when bob's off we can all go up as a family if we have time at any point!
That takes us thru some of the basics of the week. There are constantly things popping up and changing. We never know until we are in the middle of it all. I will try my best to keep up with updates during the week!

**make sure to glance at the 2 posts below this one for pics! 1 post from ben's birthday, and 1 from our family day saturday!**

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