Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday update

Benjamin got his cast off this morning! They took off the cast and then did all of his xrays. They said it looks like it's healed nicely and that there was no need to put a new cast on. They said he needed to take it easy, and not be jumping around to much and such. Which won't be super easy with Ben, but all in all it's healed!

Eli also had his appt with PT and the dietician today. The dietician is wondering if Eli has Celiac Disease and if processing gluten could be what's hinder his weight gain. He's getting the calories, he's just not absorbing them. She wants Eli to go to the doc this week and get tested, so this will be done on Wednesday. She is waiting to hear from us tomorrow on what the swallow study shows.

I was able to get quite a bit of housework done today. The entire main level is clean, and all of the laundry done. All that's left is to vacuum the basement and the 3 bathroom need cleaned. Super nice to have gotten so much done. The garage is still an absolute disaster and I have got to get it one and organized and ready for the garage sale.

More updates as the week progresses!

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