Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quick MRI update

Today was little mans MRI.  They were late getting his IV and getting him switched over to fluids.  So his J feeds ran pedialyte until 1 hr before the sedation.  The anesthesiologist came and talked with me for quite a bit discussing how he wanted to run the procedure in light of the Mito.  He decided to do a full general anesthesia with intubation.  Eli did suprisingly well.  He's been really sleepy the rest of the day and has had quite a few day time O2 dips but nothing compared to how he usually reacts to anesthesia.
We met so many people today who were shocked over the Mito diagnosis.  I got many questions and wow we haven't seen someone with it, and i heard about it in school and all that.   A bit bothersome when people are so fascinated by actually meeting someone with a disease that isn't common.
anyways i'm sleepy tonight so more soon.

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