Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jace's 8th Birthday Weekend

I can't believe that my oldest boy is 8 yrs old already.  Time flies.
My parents came in town for his bday weekend.
Saturday we went to the KC Zoo.  It was our 1st time there and everyone had alot of fun.  We saw lots of animals, went on a tram ride, a boat ride, a sky safari ride, and a train ride.  Their favorite was the sky safari!
Here are a few pictures from our zoo trip.

Afterwards we all went out to dinner at the Melting Pot.  The kids loved the experience.
Jace opened presents after dinner.
an accessory kit for his new ipod

Jace got the Ipod he has been wanting so badly

Today was grocery shopping and just laying low.  My parents headed home today as well.
Here are some random pics from this last week.
My super handsome always smiling husband

Jace playing angry birds on bob's cell phone

Tiny man hauling all the tupperware lids out.  His favorite game.
Here are some pictures from Eli's therapy last week.
Eli working with glue during sensory time at OT

Eli working with signing at ST.  He actually signed sheep!

Eli working at PT, trying to walk behind a push toy.
lastly here are 2 pictures from Emily's Macbeth performance.  It was dark so I had trouble getting many good pictures.
Emily playing the part of Malcolm

tiny enjoying watching Emily's play
Enjoy the photos!  I promise to get more up soon!

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