Thursday, August 25, 2011


Little man had a long night last night making for a long day today.  His feeding pump malfunctioned and he went 12 1/2 hrs without food last night.  By this morning when we figured it out at 6am, he was dehydrated and very much lacking calories.  Of course this would happen on a Thursday, when he has PT, OT and ST first thing in the morning.  We got to therapy and he struggled and was super fussy.  By the time he got to PT he was so grumpy and she really needed to work with him today.  She did alot of testing with his hips and legs and she's still very concerned about it all.  She tried him in some special shorts that keep his legs together and he struggled with these.  It causes him alot of pain when we are trying to work to bring his hips together and to work with the right foot that is super tight.  We are hoping to make progress, but it's going to be very slow. 
Tomorrow morning is his MRI.  We check into the hospital at 645 in the morning.  They will immediately get an IV going before stopping the pedialyte running thru his J.  His MRI is scheduled for 9am.  I will update tomorrow as i know more!

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