Monday, August 15, 2011

More Neurological Changes

We decided that we needed a very quiet weekend.  We bought all the food we needed to cook food for 2 days, rented 6 movies, had no nurses, wore pj's, ate food, watched movies, played games, and never left our house.  It was beyond nice.  We ate some super yummy food and had a really nice time.  I even got some knitting time!!!
Sunday evening I was cooking dinner and Eli was laying on the kitchen floor.  I sat down next to him and his entire head and upper bed started shaking.  I grabbed him off the floor and his body was shaking.  It lasted about 1 min.  It happened again 45 minutes later, this time lasting about 30 sec.  Afterwards he was very glazed over and exhausted.  We called his neurologist today and the nurse agrees that it sounds like partial seizures.  They have him scheduled for an EEG on Wednesday.  Which means virtually no sleep on Tuesday for any of us.

In other news the big 3 started school today.  It was only a half day, but a nice chance for them to get back into the swing of school life.  Here are 2 pics of them right before heading out the door.  My silly kids!  :)

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