Saturday, August 20, 2011

Critical Neuro Appt Results

Today was Eli's appt with his new epilepsy doctor/neurologist.  The frontal lobes of his brain had sharp spikes and showed seizure activity.  His brain overall showed decrease in activity and such.  Basically his brain isn't functioning at the proper capacity/level that it should be anymore.  He is also concerned on the increase in hypertonia in his left side and has ordered an MRI to figure out what is happening.  He says if this can't be fixed with his AFO's and such then Eli will need to have Botox injections.  He is also ordering a soft side helmet, to help protect his head.  He put Eli on Keppra (a seizure medication) as well.  This first week he's on a lower dose and then it's doubled next week.  They will monitor from there what they need to change next.  He chose the Keppra as it's safest with all of the other medications that he's on.  Hoping it works.
We are going to spend the rest of the weekend attempting to relax and let all of this new information soak in, something we seem to do all the dang time lately.

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