Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Bad News

Today Eli had PT.  It was disastrous.  Eli was struggling to move his right leg at all.  His left leg is so tight that he can't even get it in his AFO.  He would stand with help and then just crumple down onto his right leg.  The PT was concerned.  She called his neurologist.  The neurologist, hematologist, and medically complex doc all chatted.
The PT did some muscle testing and believes it's neurological.  The docs all agree.  They are concerned about a bleed or a blood clot in his brain, basically a mini stroke. 
Eli has an emergency appt with his neurologist tomorrow to try to figure out what is going on how to stop it, or atleast slow it and what to do next. 
We as you can imagine are beyond terrified of the thought that our tiny 20 month old man may have had a stroke.  We will update as we know more.


Jancy said...

Praying and crying. Crying and praying. Hoping the experts are wrong and praying God's hand is working a miracle. (((HUGS)))

Lindsey said...

Heather and Bob,

I am so sorry. You all are always in the Willow Tribe's prayers. I wish Eli had an easier time:(