Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quick Catch Up

Monday ~ Eli had his in home speech and sign language.  He did really well watching signing and trying to play with his fingers and check it all out.  He got to play with his speech pathologists IPad as well, and like always he loved that.  Then in the afternoon the wheelchair technician came to our house.  He reclined the back seat, changed around the hip/thigh piece and adjusted some straps.  Ultimately he won't be able to make Eli's wheelchair do what is needed, he thinks.  They are going to try and see if we can add upper body supports and such for when he's tired.  Ultimately we may need to switch over to a tilt in space chair.  We are waiting it out until his appt with the muscle and nerve clinic at the end of the month.

Tuesday(today) ~ We met with The Whole Person project.  It's an organization that does lots of things, but the piece of it we are doing is in home ASL (sign language) tutoring.  We finished all the paperwork and signed on with them for 2 years to start.  We even got to meet our tutor today.  She will come into our home and teach us ASL weekly.  We begin next week and are super excited to get started.  I spent the rest of the day on the phone.  15 something phone calls.  We got most of his scripts refilled, worked on a new med schedule (AGAIN), and got all of his doctors orders EMAILED to us for his CPAP and O2 and such.  It was a super busy day!  Bob and I got a TON of baking and cooking done. We made up 3 snacks, 2 breakfasts, 2 loaves of dinner bread, and 2 dinners! 
This evening has been pretty stressful and I'm definitely ready for it to end.
I will update more tomorrow.

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