Thursday, August 4, 2011

My boys

It seems as though my boys are all falling apart!
Jace ~ He's got a cough going on and now some sinus stuff adding to it.  Saturday is his 8 yr birthday and he's sick.  Go figure.  He usually bounces back quickly so I'm assuming he'll do the same here.

Benjamin ~ He saw the doctor here a few weeks ago.  She was concerned about his size and nutrition and behavior and decided to run multiple tests.  She called us late yesterday with the results...not what we were expecting.  On allergy testing a 2 and above means you are allergic.  Ben scored an 18!!!  He's allergic to wheat, dairy, and eggs.  She said that these items are literally poisoning his body.  She is having him meet with a nutritionist and very possibly a feeding therapy team.  As most of you know, atleast those who know Ben, he only eats a few foods, and the few foods he eats are ALL on the above list of severe allergies.  Go figure.  Benjamin doesn't have not 1 single drop of weight to lose.  This is going to be a long hard road.

Eli ~ We are still waiting on his MRI results.  I have another call into the doc but haven't received a call back.  Also a problem was noted at PT today.  Eli's only using his left leg.  He's turning his right leg completely out and dragging it behind his body, refusing to use it at all.  His PT isn't sure why this is happening or what to do about it.  I'm going to call his doctor to find out who I need to contact to get this newest thing figured out.

More updates soon!


misdyl said...

Heather - on alot of the allergy stuff I've read, our bodies crave that which we should least have - while we are eating it. But, once it is eliminated from our diet we no longer crave it....

Not that that really helps you whatsoever....but perhaps, in the long run, if you (or a feeding team) can find some foods Ben likes that are not allergens, he'll start to want that instead?!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
I first started reading your blog a couple of years ago when my son was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I may be getting confused with another families blog dealing with Autism but didn't you at one point eliminate dairy/ wheat from Ben's diet? If so, did you notice any change? I try many different approaches with my son but it is hard to tell if they really make a difference. No matter what treatment, I have come to the realization that major meltdowns are just a part of everyday life.

My son has many food aversions and I couldn't imagine if he had allergies as well. My son drinks body building protein powder twice a day and is still underweight.

We also have 5 kids with multiple medical disorders and I thought we must be really 'unlucky'. That thought changed when I read your newly updated 'list' on your side bar. I think you can have the most unlucky award.