Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Evening Updates

There are so many things going thru my mind right now. I've got so many major changes coming up. I've got my surgery, Bob's big scheduale change, Eli's constant changes, his appt in KC to hopefully get both of his surgeries schedualed, Bob's repeat colonoscopy from January when he was weeks away from cancer, my little sis's wedding out of town, and in general a house to run and all that good stuff. I'm nervous that I don't have enough time or energy to get it all pulled together and organized.
We spent probably 6 hrs today working on scheduales for July and August for all of the nursing. You would think this would be easy but it soooo isn't. It's a constant juggling act that we can't quite seem to get organized. I think we went thru like 2 trees with all the paper we kept using trying to figure it all out.
So here's the rundown on the household! :)

Emily~ She's getting super excited for school start. We will be getting her officially enrolled next week I think it is. We are hoping that's she's ready, not academically but socially. We will immediately be requesting her IQ testing and all of the testing for the gifted programs so that we can get her started in that ASAP. Hopefully that will help keep her from becoming so bored with the school work.

Jace~ He's sort of ready for school to start. He's excited to get back with his friends and meet some new friends, but school isn't quite as exciting for him as Emily. All of his teeth are finally growing in so he's at the halfway point from all of his resently lost teeth. Still such a cute smile. We will be taking him back into the doctor for his school physical and again discussing what medications we would like to try and some different dosing options. We have to get his behaviour under control, and not much seems to be working.

Benjamin~ He's not quite as sure about starting school as he was. He'll be in the afternoon kindergarten again, so atleast it's a scheduale he's familiar with, but that's about it. He's been a bit clingy lately, and incredibly destructive. We did meet with the behavioral psychologist and he can't believe that Benjamin isn't getting more supports inside and outside of the classroom. He's having his intern come into the home and just spend some time observing Ben. We all meet back up on the 20th.

Ariana~ She's just the little princess. She's enjoying being fully done with the whole potty learning thing, and still loves to announce it to everyone! She on a dresses kick right now and wears then every single day, even to sleep in. Makes for alot of laundry! We would really like to get her started in a preschool program, but we just aren't sure if that will be possible.

Eli~ He's my tiny little cuddle bug. He had gained a bit of weight and over the last few days has lost some, but we are still higher than where we were a few weeks ago. He's now at 12lbs 5oz. Still no where near the chart, but atleast gaining. He's still meeting with PT once a week, and we really enjoy her and think she's been a blessing for Eli. It looks as though we will be upping his feeds here soon, just trying to figure out the best way to do that. He's not yet gotten used to not nursing, and still tries to nurse on everyone constantly. He's working on tummy time and sitting and standing with supports. Still working on grasping at toys, and hoping soon he'll start to take them more to his mouth to chew on. He's sleeping good at night, now if only we could get him to leave his oxygen on life would be great! :)

Bob~ He's busy as could be working. Scheduale change comes up next month, so we are hoping for a decent scheduale but not holding our breath. He has his repeat colonoscopy coming up as well and he's obviously not looking forward to it. He's been pretty busy, between work and picking up the slack in the household as I've been pretty out of commission this last week. I can't imagine life without him!

Me~ I've got tons of emotions going on right now. I would love to say I'm numb, which I sort of am, but I'm also like 500 other things. I think I cycle thru the whole stages of grieving hundreds of times a day. I know that might not sound possible, but let me tell you I think it is. I check into the hospital Friday at noon for my surgery and if all goes well I will be home on Saturday to finish my recovery at home! I will have round the clock help from either Bob, or nurses, or our dear friend!
A good friend of ours has 100% been my saving grace. She has jumped in and taken over my household when I simply can't do it. She's been my rock and my sounding board, and my laugh. Which is oh so important. We are sooo blessed to have her and her family!

I will try to get some more updates up soon. Gotta get Mr Eli's next feed ready and get him moved to his room to get his oxygen situated. Sometimes he makes it thru a short nap ok, and sometimes not. Now is one of the not times! More soon.

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