Monday, July 19, 2010

Home Recovering

I checked into the hospital Friday for surgery. They got my IV started and all that good stuff, and then we waited. My dear surgeon was running late. The waiting sucked. Finally went back into surgery.
I don't remember anything until VERY late at night. All Bob could explain is that they found a problem and my ovary was stuck and he couldn't remember all the words. I was in quite a bit of pain, and the morphine drip was making me sick as a dog. I have never been so dizzy or nauseus in my life. They stopped the morphine finally and started me on pain pills. Same effect. I couldn't open my eyes or move and they weren't helping with the major pain. The surgeon came in and explained it all to me. My left ovary was attached to the back of my uterus. All the excessive bleeding had been back-flowing into my fallopian tubes and had caused endometriosis to form, which in turn had caused my ovary to get stuck. Hence all of the discomfort I was having. This problem however required me to be in surgery for 3 hrs instead of less than 1. So my body was screaming from being up on the strange OBGYN surgical table. I had no idea that my hips and back could even hurt this badly. I could hardly walk, couldn't sit, lay nothing.
I have hardly slept, and have to change positions about once an hour. All of the pain meds make me sick so I'm only on tylenol and motrin. Fun times.
This morning I'm moving a bit better but still super sore. Slowly getting a bit of an appetite back.
Missing cuddling with Eli, and still haven't seen the older 4 kids. They will be coming home late this evening. So ready for all of this to be over and to be fully recovered.

more updates when i can.

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mandd3 said...

What an ordeal you have been through! I hope you recover quickly and get the rest you need to be able to do so.