Thursday, July 8, 2010


We are home from KC. Eli completely lost it when we got home, and is finally resting comfortably. I think he was so tired and thrown off scheduale that it just all caught up with him.

We are now waiting to hear back on schedualing for all of his tests.
I will also be calling Dr Riva, pulmonologist, tomorrow as his breathing at night still sounds really rough. Sharing a room with him for the past 2 nights I was surprised at the amount he was still sucking in his breath during sleep. So hoping to be able to do the pulse ox monitor again while on the oxygen to see if we are on a high enough level.

The older 4 kids will be home in about 30 minutes. They spent the last 2 nights at my parents. Bob has worked 14hr days, so it was easier for them to stay there. Bob works 5hrs tomorrow and then is off on saturday! Ready to spend a bit of time with the family!

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