Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kansas City Day 1

We are in KC. We got in around 11am. Headed to Union Station to hang out at Science City. (For all the Wichita folks if you have an EP membership you get into science city for free!!!) We hung out there exploring all 4 floors for a little over 3 hrs. The kids had a great time getting to run around and have so much hands on experience with such a wide variety of things. Eli did really well, thank heavens! After that we headed to our hotel and got checked in and all moved in. Hung out and relaxed for a bit then went out to dinner. Now it's movie time!
Tomorrow we have to be at CMH at 10:30 for all of his testing to begin. 3 tests, then we meet with his kidney surgeon. Then we wait to hear from his GI surgeon/motility specialist. Tomorrow night we are going to head to the Plaza for dinner and walking around and hanging out. Pics and more udpates to come!

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