Friday, July 2, 2010

no smoking.........

Oxygen in use.
Well mr eli decided that he didn't have enough medical equipment.

He failed his at home sleep study. His oxygen was dropping below 80% during the night. The doc has immediately started him on oxygen for overnights and any nap lasting longer than 1 hr during the day. So we got this huge massive 5ft tall oxygen tank for at home and a 3ft tall oxygen tank that goes into a wheeled cart that looks like a golf bag caddy for when we are in kc and columbia and kc again. So we got 5 for this 1st trip and will need 8 to 10 for the columbia/kc trip. I need to rent a damn uhaul to travel with eli. We can't fit much more in his bedroom or walk in closet. I will have to post some pics soon.
More updates this weekend.

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Susan said...

I'm sorry to hear about the sleep study. Elizabeth also requires oxygen when she sleeps. When we go on trips it's such an ordeal -- we have the nebulizer, oxygen compressor, portable oxygen, all of Elizabeth's Pediasure, her g-tube accessories, etc. I'm exhausted by the time I finish putting her stuff in the car!