Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Evening Update

I've spent alot of time in bed or on the couch the last few days. This morning I woke up feeling a touch better, but that slipped away pretty quickly. I'm hoping that each day I keep feeling a touch better. The meds are slowing things down very slowly. They are also slowing down the effectiveness of my migraine meds (which is a side effect I was warned of), so that's made things even harder.

The kids are doing well. Bob was in charge Friday and Saturday, and my dad had them this morning, and then I had help here this afternoon. I took a nap this afternoon, literally fell asleep while on the phone. :)

Tomorrow is my appt with my OBGYN so hoping to find out what our next step is.

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Sasha said...

Well just visiting your blog for the first time and looks like you are not feeling so well. Hoping that everything turns out okay and that you feel better. Hugs. (Ps. You have a beautiful family.