Sunday, July 4, 2010

quick sunday check-in

These last 3 days have flown by. Its been so nice having bob home. Friday evening bob and I went on a date night..dinner and a movie. Some much needed time just the 2 of us. Saturday we decided to have a family day. All 7 of us spent the day at the cosmospher. We saw some of the shows as well. We went to a lab and they made fires and explosions, and launched rockets and such. The kids absolutely loved it. We made it home in time for dinner and family movie night. Today the kids went to church and then to their grandparents to hang out. Bob, eli, and I met them for a 4th of july bbq, then home for fireworks. All of our neighbors were out shooting off fireworks in the middle of the cul de sac at the same time we were. The kids really enjoyed it all.

Bob is working overtime all week. My kids head to my parents on Tuesday. Eli and I also leave for kansas city on Tuesday. Tomorrow I will hopefully begin packing everything and getting organized. So much to take.

More updates soon. I apologize for everything being short and choppy but its hard typing it all up from my cell phone. Soooo missing internet.

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