Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Swirled Cast

Ben had his appt with the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday. He put a cast on, and will have Ben come back in 1 month for a recheck xray. He has a walking boot, but that's slow going. It's awkward for Ben, and a bit sore. He's pretty wobbly with it and falls quite a bit. Also his foot swells pretty quickly. So he's still in his wheelchair anytime he's out of the house, and around the house he's mostly carried or he crawls, and practices walking holding onto things. I'm sure within a week he'll have it figured out!

Tomorrow is Mr Eli's MRI with sedation. We check into the PICU tomorrow morning at 8am. I will update during the day as I can!

Below are 2 pics of Mr Ben's cast. He couldn't pick a color and the cast tech was amazing and they designed quite the cast!

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