Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pneumonia **Update 7:21pm

Eli has full blown bad pneumonia. The bottom of his right lung is full. they did antibiotic shots.
we are home and trying to get Eli situated. His surgeon has put him on 24/7 continuous feeds of pedialyte, taken him off milk, breathing treatments every 3 hours, chest xrays and antibiotic shots every 24 hours, all his docs on call, and ready to direct admit when/if needed. His nurse is here and will be checking vit...als continuously all evening. His heartrate is high right now, so watching. updates as we know.

**Update 7:21pm
just got off the phone with the Dr. Eli's heartrate is HIGH. So she's stopping his breathing treatments because she's afraid it's making it higher. his poor nurse can hardly count fast enough to even get an accurate "read". He's not peeing yet with the pedialyte so he's got under an hour to have a wet dipe, or it's gotta go up quite a bit. HUMPH. I HATE the torture my poor boy has to go thru with being sick.

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