Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cardiologist Update

This morning was Eli's EKG, ECHO, and appt with the cardiologist. The entire office staff was great, and we were able to get everything done in 2 hrs! We were super impressed. His EKG looks good. The ECHO showed that the PFA had completely disappeared which is super good. The PFO is still there, but he says it's small enough but he doesn't think that's what causing the breathing and fluid issues. He did say that Eli has a heart murmer which we didn't know. He says for now he will redo all of the testing in 1 year, unless something changes.
So the good news is the heart issues aren't what is causing the problems, and the bad news is we stil aren't sure what's causing the problems. Back to the drawing board.
Eli is testing free (unless he gets sick) until May 20th. So hopefully we will get a bit of a break!

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