Monday, May 17, 2010

Ben's got Wheels!!!

It's been quite the day. Ben's school wouldn't let him come to school without a wheelchair. They said the lifts were a liability. So he missed school today. His pediatrician is amazing and she was able to get all of the paperwork done and at 7:45 tonight his new wheelchair was delivered. It took a few medical supply companies to find one that was small enough for him. He has already started to figure out how to work the wheels on it. So he's excited to get to go to school tomorrow. He spent most of the day today propped up on the couch watching TV, playing with Pokemon cards, and looking at books. This afternoon he moved to the floor with some Jenga blocks and figured out how to use his arms, good leg, and bottom to slightly scoot around. We went on a walk, and he rode in the stroller, he did ok, but his leg wasn't quite as comfy on the foot rest of the stroller. For now he's in his bed, but wants to move back into our room with us. I'm guessing Bob will have to move him in there tonight again before we head to bed. He's been a bit sore on and off today, but done well.
We go to the orthopedic surgeon in the morning. His normal doc's office doesn't feel comfy treating a break on the growth plate, so the are sending him to a specialist. Not sure if they will do the full cast tomorrow, depends on how the swelling is doing.
Will update more tomorrow.
Here is a pic of Benjamin figuring out how to "drive" on our front porch this evening!

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