Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beginning of the week updates

Sunday ended up being a pretty decent day. The kids and I hung out and did a pretty simple dinner. I even got some knitting done!!!

Monday was a fun spring kansas day. We had storms and tornados and all that fun stuff. The kids got to the their blankets and pillows and get under the stairs and everything. They were excited and scared all at the same time. They thought the tornado was coming straight towards us but luckily at the last minute it shifted! We spent quite a bit of time downstairs that night with all of the storms.

Tuesday was nice! In the morning Ben and I went and checked out his new school. his teacher and speech path met us there and we took a tour and some pictures. After that did a touch of housework and furniture rearragning. THEN just me! I spent the afternoon out away from the kids and housework and all of those things. I hung out with a friend and had lunch and visited. Then I came home and cooked my dad's birthday dinner and cake! We had dinner with my parents. I went to the movies for the evening with a friend as well. It was sooo nice and sooo needed to have a quite relaxing day just being me! I loved it!

Wednesday. So far not so amazing. Mr Eli had a bit of a cough yesterday and by last night he was coughing and choking and grunting a bit. By this morning alot. Called the doc. She's having us do breathing treatments every 3 hrs and he goes in to see her this afernoon. Not sure what's going on with him but he's not super thrilled. Hopefully they can figure it out quickly and we can get everything adjusted.
Will update once we are home from the doc!

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