Thursday, May 13, 2010

Morning Update

Eli had a goofy temp night. He started off the evening with a fever, and then in the middle of the night his temp was majorly low. He rested decently last night and we just kept pumping him full of pedialyte. This morning he decided he wasn't thrilled and wanted to nurse. My poor little man. He's coughing a bit this morning, and super tired. he was awake for maybe 20 minutes and is now crashed in his bed again.
We got his new "portable" pump on Monday, yet it is sooo not portable. the bag still has to be above the pump, and they are still the huge 1000ml which is very hard to rig. AND it has no portable bag to carry all of it in. So we have attempted to rig a bag this morning, but it's definitely not ideal. the insurance company is seeing what they can find, and in the mean time we will probably have to switch to the spare backup for going out today. Such a mess.
Eli has his checkin at the doctor at 2pm today. Chest xray, antibiotic shot, and full check. Hopefully we will get some good news that things are improving and maybe we can start adding some feeds back in. We figured it up and right now Eli is getting 32oz of pedialyte every 24hrs, and in 34 oz of pedialyte there is only 100 calories. that's horrible. like holy cow horrible. So hoping to get back to full feeds quickly. we have his pedialyte running on continuous at 40cc/hr. we tried 30cc/hr but he wasn't having any wet diapers. With upping it he is having some but not alot.
more updates this afternoon.

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