Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday afternoon updates

I apologize for the lack of updates. I've gotten multiple phone calls, text messages, and emails. It is sooo nice to know that everyone is still thinking about us and keeping us in their thoughts.
Eli went to the doc each day last week for an antibiotic shot, check in, and feed changes. He's doing quite a bit better, although still really sleepy. He started "oral" antibiotics Saturday, after 3 full shots of super strong antibiotics. Hoping he continues to improve. We call into the doc for our daily check in on Monday and she decides what next. Eli also had the neurologist on Friday. The neurologist doesn't think it's seisures, but thinks he has an idea of what it might be. He told us VERY specifically that he wasn't saying it WAS, but that he definitely wanted to test for it. Eli apparently meets almost ALL of the "criteria", his pediatrician agrees as well. We did some research on it ourselves and sadly Eli does meet all of the criteria. So Eli will be having some more testing. It is all lab work, chromosomal and DNA. It's something that simply happens during growth in utero and not something resulting from any other factors. So we again wait for answers.

The other kids are doing well. Emily has completed her school work, and the boys are in their last week of school. This week they each have field day and a class party. They are super excited for the upcoming week, and summer. Benjamin has already began a summer countdown, telling us how many days are left until he starts kindergarten! :) It's pretty cute!
Jace lost another tooth today. He's quite upset because he can't find it. He was eating an apple and then realized it was gone. He checked everywhere, including the apple core, and when he still couldn't find it, he finally accepts the fact it was most likely swallowed. He needed reassurance that the tooth fairy would understand! :)
Other than that life is same old same old around here. Stress level high, sleep time changes! :) Constantly hoping for a break!
this week will bring multiple checkins with the pediatrician, and the MRI with sedation. Fun stuff. I promise to try and keep up with the updates this week. also hopefully get some new pictures of the kids up.

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