Friday, May 9, 2008

shoulder updates

my right shoulder is screwed. that's the short of it. apparently not a single part of my shoulder is in the right place. he said it was a mess. also there is alot of scar tissue which ultimately is going to need to be stripped. he says it's as bad as it sounds. YIKES. so they want to try and adjust my shoulder today, do the traction again, and do the STEM therapy. I'm still really hurting on my lower neck and between my shoulders and back area, and my right arm is still in alot of pain and pretty much totally useless. my left arm is still going numb but like always not near as bad as my right arm. i'm still taking 3 meds for all of this and they don't seem to be doing a darn thing. i'm spending my entire life rotating between my doc/chiro, my new chiro, and my massage therapist. lovely lovely lovely. i'm sore and i'm tired and this has got to end soon. i never imagined how much quality of life could be lost from something like this.
more updates later....

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Chelle said...

Heather... You are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope that whatever this is, is fixable and that you don't suffer much! *HUGS*