Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our world....delivered

I have my MRI tomorrow. My doctor is going to go with me. We shall see how it goes. I'm not looking forward to it but really hoping to find out what is going on with my shoulder.

In other news I'm working on the house. We picked out paint colors for the house and have started taking off all the wallpaper in the kitchen and dining room. We are probably about half done. I have had 2 friends helping me with it so that makes it a bit better! :)

Benjamin went to one of the school options for next year to check it out. He was there for about 1 1/2 hrs today. He was scared when we got there and cried and hid behind me. When I left he had his bottom lip stuck all the way out. His Itinerate Preschool Teacher was with him so I guess that helped a bit. She said he did okay but she had to help him transition and such. Some issues were he doesn't know how to drink from a cup so she had to help him with his drink at snack, and at circle time there were to many kids and it was to loud so Ben just started spinning in circles and tuning everything out. He ended up accidentally kicking 3 kids because of it. This is when I went ahead and packed him up and took him home. He will check out the other choice next week. The school today has the advantage of being an inclusion classroom, whereas the other school is specifically special needs and autism. The other school is a much smaller classroom. If he does go to the school today he will have an associate who will always be with him at school the entire time he's there. So that would help him but still. We aren't sure what decision to make. In good news we were able to get extended year!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! So he will get services all summer. and we even pushed for good ones! He gets 1 hr 3 times a week! YEAH!!!!! This was a HUGE victory.

Ariana is doing good. She is starting to talk more. Walking is still going nowhere. She starts back up tomorrow with her therapy. She also goes to the UofI next week to the orthopedic dept so we will know more then.

Jace is doing ok. He's back to really struggling with his tummy. He's completely off of all dairy again. Makes life pure pleasure let me tell you. He will be referred to a specialist in the next week or two.

Emily is doing good. She has 3 lose teeth right now and she can't wait for them to fall out....especially since she got $20 for the first tooth...damn tooth fairy and no change... :) Em has her piano recital this weekend and she's super excited about that.

Brian is ok. He's working and trying to get situated. He likes his job all in all. He's been a bit grouchy and distant lately but I think everyone is just exhausted and worn out and he doesn't talk about stuff. a man and an engineer. :)

my last final is friday! YEAH!!! I'm so glad to almost be done for the semester! I'm ready to be home for awhile!


Chelle said...

I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow as you prepare for your MRI! Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good! Sorry to hear that Jace is having tummy issues again! I hope the specialist can give you a light at the end of a long tunnel! YAY for your last final! You are awesome for sticking with school even though you have so many obsticles going on in your life! That's definitely something to be proud of! I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!

Heather said...

thank you chelle! I really need to get an email out to you! :)