Sunday, May 11, 2008


I hope that all the moms reading my blog have a wonderful day today!

Things are good here. We've had a bit slower of a weekend. I had my "massage" therapy yesterday morning and then we ran a few errands and were home by noon. We spent the rest of the day at home. We did a bit of picking up, and then just goofed off. Brian burned me a CD of some songs I've been wanting and I did some cutting for a sewing project that I'm working on with a friend. We've been buying our mama cloth and have decided that we can easily make our own for sooo much cheaper and exactly the way that we want them. So we split up all the cutting and each took half. We'll get together next week hopefully and serge them all up! :)
Late yesterday I made up a sour cream coffee cake with chocolate chips and raspberies and we made eggs this morning. So that was our super yummy breakfast with some fruit.
We are going to head into a town close to us this morning and find their grocery store. This town is where Ben will be going to school next year as well.
Anyways hope all the moms have a great time!

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