Monday, May 19, 2008


I had my neurologist appointment today. He did a nerve conduction test and tested the muscles. Turns out I have severe carpal tunnel in my right hand and arm and moderate in my left. He thinks that we should skip everything and go straight to the neurosurgeon for surgery. I have my consult with the neurosurgeon on the 28th. So we shall see.

Also Ariana got sick again this morning so I had to postpone her appointment at the U of I until the 27th. She goes to the doc tomorrow. Apparently her lab work from the ER came back low so they want to retest and check on what's going on. She's back to throwing up today and refusing to drink. She's spent most of the day sleeping and laying on the floor.

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Chelle said...

Surely some good news and good things are coming your way! ((((HEATHER)))) Sorry you are going through all of this! I hope Ari's sickness passes quickly and they get things figured out soon! Sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel! I hope the surgery corrects the problem! You are in my thoughts and prayers! *HUGS*