Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I hate painting

it's official. i absolutely hate painting. when we moved into this house it was steal magnolis pepto bismal pink. as you know i HATE pink. it is definately NOT my signature color. We have now painted the kitchen, dining room, family room/office, emily's room, jace's room, and the master bedroom. i have left to paint 2 full baths, 1 half bath, ben/ari's room, and that's all. i'm sooo needing this painting project finished. It won't be done but close. then it's time to start making curtains and hanging pictures and shelves and all of those decorating kinds of things. I've also gotta get the quilt finished for the formal living room. so many things to do but ultimately it will look so good! this place was just screaming to be decorated! :)

in other news...
ari had her appt at the U of I and they that its not technically out of normal limits to walk until 20 or 24 months and that her gait would be something for a neurologist not an orthopedic doc. So we are back at square one. she had her recheck at the doc today from her hospital stay. Her ear looks good and her lungs sound much better. She's put 3 ounces back on so that's good as well. She got a shot, but we are still refusing the MMR. we just feel like that is the right decision.

i had my appt with the hand surgeon today. He is going to try supplements, wrist braces and some exercises for 3 wks and then will recheck and probably schedule surgery on both hands. I'm ready to get this done as i'm sick of the pain and missing being able to use my hands fully.

brian had a doc checkup today and has lost 16 more lbs in the last 7 weeks. that takes him to 60ish lbs lost total so far! YEAH!

tomorrow is ben's final IEP meeting for the year. should be interesting. after how the last meeting went brian has decided to go to this one with me. i'm very glad for that. i'm hoping that we are all able to come to an agreement on what works for us, for the school district and most of all for ben!

brian's sister and her husband are coming in town this weekend. they will be moving to iowa this fall so they are coming in to look at housing and such. we are super excited to see them for a few days and show them around the area!

that's about all in the world of us. more news and pictures soon! Promise!

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Chelle said...

WOW! You've sure got a lot going on! I keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily! Glad to hear that Ari is doing better and that y'all are getting stuff around your house done! I hope that your wrists are better after the surgery!