Friday, May 16, 2008

Full Results

My doc called yesterday and said he wanted to meet with me today to talk about the MRI results. I woke up this morning and couldn't move my fingers on my right hand. Thy were swelled so much I couldn't make a fist or move them around. Brian took the day off work and I went to the doc.
My C3 has a small bone spur and osteo-arthritis but it isn't what is causing the problem.
C4,5,6 on the left side are bulging which is pinching off the C6 nerve. This is what is causing the lesser numbing and tingling in my left arm. This doesn't explain the right arm though.
So my doc has stopped all therapy but the muscle relaxor and the anti-inflammatory. He called a neurologist and I go there on Monday morning at 8am. They are going to do nerve conduction tests and find out what is happening. Something is going horribly wrong with the nerves which is making the muscles go nuts and tense up and tie in knots which is causing inflammation and swelling which is pinching off the nerves which is making the cycle happen. if that makes sense. so i won't know anything until monday.

in other news today was my last final. YEAH! I'm so glad that this semester is over. Ben and Jace have 2 wks and 2 days left of school and Emily has 3 wks. i've never been so ready for summer break!

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