Thursday, March 31, 2011

I give up ***UPDATED***

The ENTIRE universe hates me.  There is no other answer.  I was going thru all of Eli's papers for Atlanta, and the timelines.  The paper states to call the surgery center 5 to 7 days before surgery if you have a medically complex kiddo.  So I call.  The nurse tries to tell me she doesn't need to talk to me until the day or two before.  I insist that she needs to talk to me NOW.  As we go thru his meds and his information she's like WOW.  She gets the anesthesiologist and he's like, OH HELL NO.  I'm called back 5 minutes later and told that Eli is way to high risk and complicated for them.  They back out and say they can't do his procedures.  So here we are.  We begin our drive in just a few days and we have NO place to do his muscle biopsy and spinal tap.  I called the docs office and she's like holy crap.  So she is rushing around trying to figure out what next.  I'm exhausted and frustrated and moments from curling up in a ball in the corner and crying for 3 days.

Eli's doctor was able to get the surgery schedualed at Children's at Scottish Rite in Atlanta.  So the procedures are still a go as of right now.  They are getting all the papers done and he will need to meet with anesthesia the day before and all of that.  Now everyone is calling around to try to get orders on what to do with his Lovenox.  Obviously the blood thinners need to be stopped BEFORE cutting him open!  :)  I will udpate as we know more!

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Sasha said...

Sending you hugs at this time. I feel bad for you. For my little guy one or 2 hospitals always so No way too. They say my son is a high risk to put to sleep.

Keeping fingers crossed and hoping things get fixed. Maybe this happened for a good reason that you can't see now. Maybe he will get better help somehow somewhere else.