Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Updates

It's been a busy but slow few days.  Eli has been back to KC once and we head up again this next week.  His coagulation levels were to high so they have switched his dose again.  He has just finished up with his antibiotics.  He was on them for 7 weeks total.  WOW.  His next ECHO is the end of this month, as well as his next hematology visit.  He also has his hearing aids coming in at the end of the month.  He has started choking and gagging and retching alot again.  They did an xray to confirm J tube placement and all looked good so they are unsure what is going on.  He was running a low grade, but it's better today.  He's spending alot of time on the floor practicing his crawling and is getting better on the wood floors.

The older 4 are doing well.  Emily is busy with school and going thru my bookcase!  She's also been doing alot of music searches online and really expanding her library of songs.  We've had a bit of an issue with her staying up incredibly late goofing around on the computer, so we've really had to keep track of that.  Jace is doing pretty good.  He's busy as always.  He has been spending alot of time outdoors playing football with the neighbors.  He's getting pretty good and really enjoys it.  Benjamin is doing pretty well.  He's been spending alot of time playing MarioKart on his nintendo.  It's his favorite!  He's also been working alot on his sight words and he almost has them all memorized!  Ariana is doing decent.  She's busy as always.  Loves playing princess, pony, and dress up.  She's been having fun with her leapster, and is working on learning the Wii.

Bob is off work for another 4 weeks.  They are finally making solid progress on what is going on.  He has been diagnosed with GERD and IBS.  They have also been doing alot of testing and have learned that he has a vitamin D deficiency as well as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  They are going to be doing an MRI next week and then are going to be going forward with meds and shots to hope to help with some of the discomfort and other issues.    Hoping that as all of these things get situated he will get to feeling much better.  As of right now some of the medication side effects have been pretty rough.

I'm here, as always.  Exhausted.  I've been having alot of headaches.  I'm sure from lack of sleep, food, water, and lots of stress.  I'm missing my family, I'm missing being home.  Eli and I spend alot of time on the road between here and KC.

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