Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Check In

This morning Eli had a check in with his local pediatrician.  All went well.  She will see him again after we get home from Atlanta.  The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to get his O2 for the flight figured out.  We aren't making much progress.

Bob had a check-in at the doctor for an emergency room follow up.  They sent him for more xrays.  It shows no break, but they are concerned about the numbness and massive swelling.  They'd like to consider an MRI.  Decisions made tomorrow.  The swelling is definitely gone down some, but still there. The bruising is ALOT. 

The older 3 headed back to school today.  Emily was excited for Spring break to be done.  Ben was so-so.  Jace is counting down the last 2 months until summer.  :)

Tonight we tried another vegetarian meal.  The kids are doing great with it!  Our meals are about 25% solely vegetarian at this point, and even on the meat meals it's minimal, with TONS of veggies.  Bob and I are enjoying trying out so many new recipes and the kids are loving eating all of it!

Not much else new.  Just wrapping up alot of stuff for Atlanta next week.  More soon.

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