Monday, March 14, 2011


It's not always as easy as it sounds.  How do you compromise between the life you used to have, the life you want to have, and the life you are forced to have?  How do you find a compromise between 1 childs medical needs and 4 childrens wants and desires.  How do you compromise between time and money and desires? 
These are a few of the questions that Bob and I are facing right now. 
Medically it is best for Eli to be in Kansas city.  Financially it would also be helpful in the sense of not such an expense of such a massive drive and lodging and food and such.  Time wise it would be nice to not have to spend so much time in the vehicle.  Eli struggles with the drive, heck so do I lately.  The drive also means I miss alot of time at home with my 4 older kiddos and my husband.
Staying in Wichita means staying in the house we love, the kids in amazing schools that they love, a  neighborhood that they have friends in.  It means being close to friends and family.  It also means long drives on the road, alot of money spent, and Eli and I missing alot of this time at home. 
A job isn't really an issue either way.  Bob has a job here, yes, BUT he has spent 2 afternoons job hunting in KC and already has 3 interviews.  So that's not the fear.
We are unsure what to do and how to find a compromise.  Either way we are making a decision for only a portion of our family.  Each decision is only right for some.  There isn't a "magical answer" that is best for all.  We know that we are a super strong family and that we will make it thru ANY choice, but it doesn't make it easier.

Today Eli had an appt with his only local doctor, his pulmonologist.  She is going to do an at-home overnight O2 sat levels, as he is still alarming multiple times with CPAP.  We may need to add O2 to the CPAP.  She is also doubling his pulmicort as she agrees with his pediatrician that he may be having asthma attacks.  As always she wants him safe in a bubble away from everyone as they are still seeing RSV in full swing and a ton of other respiratory viruses. 

The older kiddos are pretty good.  Emily is doing well.  She was struggling last week with algebra and after spending sometime this weekend going over it with Bob she did much better on her work today.  Jace did very well on a spelling test and even got 3 out of 5 on the challenge words!  Ben had a rough day today and spent most of it in meltdown mode.  A bit of a struggle when he 1st got to school, but was able to turn it around after that.  Ari was busy this morning, took a nice long nap, and has been outside busy as could be this afternoon.  Everyone has been a bit tired with Daylight savings time, so hoping to get back situated next week over spring break!

Bob will be heading tomorrow to KC for a job interview.  We are continuing to look and talk to people there until we make a FULL choice.  Keep our options open and maybe something will open up one way or the other to help make the choices before us.

Today we also finished up the last of Eli's paperwork for Atlanta.  I'm beyond excited and very anxious.  We are almost there.  Almost done.  The answers are just around the corner and that terrifies me and excites me.  His appt will get scheduled next week, and then all that is left is getting his angel flight paperwork finished up, and a weeks worth of lodging of course!  :)

More updates soon.

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Lisa Hunt said...

You all have been thru so much already. I can't even imagine. I know it's hard but I also know you will make the best decision possible that's right for everyone. You ARE an incredibly strong family!!
Lisa Hunt