Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bob's Appt Updates

Quick update on all of Bob's appts and testing results.  He met with his GI surgeon yesterday and she has officially finished all the testing to diagnose him with GERD and IBS.  He met with the rheumatologist today, and she agrees with the Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis, and is doing some final lab work and MRI to get a few more details with the back issues.  The GI started him on 2 new meds, and as soon as the Rheumatologist gets the lab work back she wants to discuss a med and injections.  So we wait for all of that to see how it goes.  He has his days where he feels decent and then his days where he is beyond miserable.  Hoping the new meds help.

The older 4 spent the afternoon outside, as the weather was beautiful!  Tiny even got to go outside for a bit this afternoon! 
Not much else going on.  Like always we are just taking it 1 day at a time, because I couldn't handle anymore than that right now!  :)

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