Saturday, March 12, 2011

Random Pictures from March

I will still be behind on pictures after this post but not as far behind as I was!  :)  These are just a few pictures from this month!  More soon I promise!
Posing before church one morning
looking beautiful as always!
ben with his super cutie cheesy smile!
Jace unhappy about having his picture taken.  he goes thru phases!
emily getting oh so grown up!
typical way of finding emily!  on her computer!
silly tiny man playing in the curtains.  i love the face!
he played behind the curtains for almost 1 hr.
1st time ever at the park swinging!
swinging with dad
his 1st time down the slide with mom!
Ari sliding
ben trying out the wabble platform
ben being super cute!
emily spinning
jace working his way up the wabble ramp
ari spinning super fast!
emily spinning
jace getting in on the spinning fun

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