Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flying High

"We're going on a trip on his favorite airplane with his airline approved infant concentrator, flying thru the skies with Little Eli.  Climb aboard, get ready for answers, theres so much to learn, Little Eli.  We're searching for a diagnosis, start the countdown, 5 metabolic testing, 4 specialist appt, 3 preadmissions testing, 2 spinal tap,  1 muscle biopsy.  ZOOOOOM!  Everyone to Atlanta, we are flying high, Little Eli.  Come on, lets go, we need you now, Little Eli!!!" (sung to the toon of Little Einsteins)

It has been a whirlwind of a few days.  We have been scrambling to get everything changed back over from driving to flying.  We've had to get kids taken care of, schedules covered, food bought and ready, and all of our bags packed.  Ari is staying the week with a good friend of mine and her 2 kiddos.  A friend of mine is covering mornings before school and my parents have the afternoons/evenings/overnights. 
We leave tomorrow morning.  We have to be at the airport at 5am and our flight leaves at 7am.  It's going to be an incredibly long day.
I'm numb right now.  I can't believe that we are finally here.  It's almost like a dream.  I'm nervous as could be.  I'm ready for this, just wanting it all to be over.  I want the answers and I want to move past this!
I will try to update as much as possible.

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