Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home from Atlanta

We are home.  Eli was pretty exhausted and sore the day after surgery.  We spent the morning laying low, and met some friends at the Atlanta Zoo in the afternoon.  Friday we packed and again laid low.  We flew home last night. 
The 1st flight from Atlanta to Denver had multiple issues, including wind and delays and stuff.  We finally got to Denver.  They loaded us on the plane at 8:15pm.  Eli was asleep and his O2 dropped.  We had to put him on his O2 but his sats wouldn't come up.  He was in the 80's.  Then we heard that the flight was delayed and we just had to sit on the plane.  Bob went and told the crew that we wouldn't have enough O2 battery life because of all of the delays.  The crew wasn't happy.  Alot of conversation began.  The crew wanted us to take a plane out the next day BUT refused to get our bags out from under the plane.  I kept telling them that without our bags Eli would have to be hospitalized because I had virtually no medical equipment with us on board because it was a TINY plane.  The other passengers on the airplane were in an uproar against the staff and ready to walk out and unload the plane themselves.  Finally it was decided that Eli would use his O2 during take off and landing and the airplanes emergency canister during the flight.  We finally got home around midnight.  Eli had to be on high with the O2 the entire ride home to stay above the alarm setting of his O2 monitor.  It was a long flight, atleast it felt like it.
Today he's been pretty tired.  Played a bit, slept alot. His incision is looking much better, still sore and red, but better.  Bob and I are beyond exhausted.
We now WAIT.  They ran 26 tests and the results tak 6-8 weeks. for the big announcement....
Bob has accepted a job in Kansas City.  He moves to KC tomorrow and starts his new job Monday.  The kids and I will join him after the school year ends.  It's going to be a long 7 weeks without him here.  We are super excited about the job, and about being a few minutes away from Eli's childrens hospital.  We are also super excited that he was only on the hunt for a job less than 3 weeks!  We are sooo blessed! 
The entire family has spent alot of time talking about this and we all agree it's for the best.  Bob will come back some weekends, and some we will go there. 

Ari had alot of fun at a friends house this week and enjoyed having a "twin" sister for the week.  The older 3 didn't have much change in their schedule at all.  Emily sprained her ankle sleep walking and ended up having to go for xrays and a foot brace.  Jace and Ben are their normal selves!

Today has been a day of family time before bob leaves tomorrow.  The girls are the unhappiest about him leaving.  Emily confides in Bob about everything and Ari has him wrapped around her little finger.  It's all about Bob for her.  It will be interesting to see how it goes.  With our new phones luckily we will be able to do video chatting but still not the same.

More updates soon!

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