Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quick Updates

Eli and I are in KC.  We got in Friday evening.  Went to look at a house that works perfectly for us!  We got back and put Eli to bed.  We hung out with our friends visiting and came to bed around 11pm.  Eli had been struggling with some coughing fits and gagging, but this isn't anything new unfortunately.  Bob woke with Eli at 1:30am as his sat monitor was beeping.  He went to pick Eli up and felt wet everywhere.  Eli's GJ had come completely out.  So our friends had a foley cath and we got that in.  Then our friend, who is an RN was able to finally able to get a G tube in.  We called CMH and they said to go to the ER.  We were there for hours and they finally decided to not drop an NJ or do an IV and to just have us come back at 8am.  So we drove back and forth.  So we slept like 2 hrs.  He did finally get his GJ replaced.  Now this evening he's super fussy.  His belly seems to be bothering him from all of the irritation and the barium.
Tonight and tomorrow we are hoping to rest.  More updates hopefully tomorrow.
lots of doc appts this upcoming week at CMH.  Hoping for some more answers.

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Jess said...

just for your info, we are on the list to get a room and the RM house on Wednesday and will be there through Monday evening if you want to have dinner or lunch. We have genetics and ENT thursday, an EEG Friday and Pulmunology on Monday morning. Let me know if you all will still be around then :o)