Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Surgery and PICU

Eli checked into the hospital Monday at 5:30am. He went back to surgery at 7:30am. He was out of surgery around 10:30am. His surgeon came out to the waiting room to give us the full details. She had a heck of a time getting a line. She spent over an hour, and finally ended up having to cut his neck open and put a central line in his jugular. She wasn't thrilled by this location at all. Then she did the rigid broncoscopy. She said structurally everything looked good. Then she did the testicular surgery. She was able to go in laproscopically and lower his left testicle into his scrotum and then repair/remove the hernia. Then she placed the PH probe. Tiny man did wake up(sorta) and they were able to extubate him. They decided with his history to take him straight to PICU. Which ultimately turned out to be a good choice. First he had stridor breathing. His heartrate was running a bit high and his breathing sounded like crap. Then his respirations were super high and ended up having to do steroids, extra breathing treatments and all that good stuff. 1 pain med wasn't enough, so they started alternating a 2nd one. So 1 in his central line, then 1 in his GT. Then it was realized that Eli hadn't peed since 7am. So did a fluid bolus. No pee. Had to straight cath him. Did another fluid bolus. Waited 5hrs. No pee. Had to straight cath him. The 1st cath not enough pee came out. The 2nd cath better on pee volume. So they have continued the central line fluids, as well as his continuous feeds and decided to give him 8hrs. He has peed 2 very small amounts. He has until 7am, before calling the doc back.
Right before hitting publish the nurse just came in saying she spoke to the surgeon.  They are going to re-draw some labs thru the cental line.  They are also going to run a bladder scan to find out what's going on.  So more testing.  Fun times.  Again I will update when we know more.
**UPDATE** They did a bladder scan and he had 191 in there which is a TON for a little guy.  The surgeon has decided to simply place a foley cath and leave it in.  We are a bit concerned about going home with a cath.  Waiting on the surgeon to come in to decide what to do next.  Humph.
Here is a picture of Eli before surgery.
Here is a picture of Eli just getting to PICU

Here is Eli later in the evening resting

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