Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Update

Eli is cath free!  He's doing very well peeing, although they are keeping him on the meds for a few more days just to make sure all is working properly.  His incisions are doing pretty good.  A bit red, and lots of bruising but that's to be expected.  One of his steri-strips fell off today and one of the incisions on his poor little neck looks painful.  Poor little guy.  He's still on continuous feeds, but we are hoping to start trying to give him a few hours off the pump during the day.  We'll see how that goes. 

Ari is doing pretty good.  Yesterday was her 1st kids day out and she really enjoyed it.  There are 8 or 9 kids in her class.  They did crafts, had snack and lunch, played outside, and went swimming.  She's already begging to go back and says that next week is to slow.  When we picked her up she was busy telling us all about her day and then paused and said "Mom I missed you, it took you and Bob a long time to come back".  She was super cute!!

Ben is same as always.  He got a formal write-up at school yesterday and we got a call from his principal.  He found a crayon and colored all over the seat of the bus.  It's a constant from school about him stealing things and writing all over things and such.  Not like we didn't warn them.  His respite has been approved, as is the home supports training.  They are going to set up sensory and play therapy as well as a TEACH scheduale.  He will also have respite 7 days a week for 5 hrs a day and that can be extended come summer time.  So they will be here when he gets home from school during the week to help with homework, keeping him busy, encouraging him to eat, and working thru the bedtime struggles.  Hoping all of this begins to help.  Also working on getting his meds changed as these new meds are really causing some major issues.

Jace is busy as always.  He's constantly moving.  He spends as much time as he possibly can outside.  He enjoys riding bikes, running around with the neighborhood boys, and digging in the dirt for bugs.  He's 110% boy.  He's still struggling in school with the written things, but his teachers are great and getting all of the evaluations in place to help him.  They've worked with him on some of his spelling and math verbally and he does much better that way.

Emily is enjoying school.  She's loving the challenge that the new district has been able to provide.  She stays busy with her work and reading and is super excited to be learning cursive.  She's made some friends and is super happy about that.  We are all so happy to see the rewards of the choices we made last school  year keeping her home and homeschooling for the end of the year.  Couldn't have worked out better, as she's really excelling this year!

Bob and I are busy as always.  Keeping up with school and work and the kids and the house.  Last Friday night we went on our 1st date night in quite a while.  Got together with some friends of ours for dinner and a movie.  Tonight we get a 2nd date night and are going out just the 2 of us.  After that it will be every other Friday night!  Super nice!

Tomorrow is Fall Festival in the town we live in.  The kids are super excited to go see the parade and activities!  I'm actually going to join some friends in the parade and throw candy from te jeep.  :)  Then next week Eli  has an appt in KC for his feeding testsing to be cleared for the motility testing.  Then next weekend is the Pumpkin Patch and haunted hause!  the older 2 are super excited to get to try one this year!

more updates soon!

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