Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall is here!!!

It's fall!  It truely feels like fall after today.  We went to the pumpkin patch today, all 7 of us!!!  Well technically 8 as Eli had his nurse!  :)  We went to the same patch we've gone every year, except they have totally revamped it this year.  There were tons of activities.  Barrel train rides, hayrack rides, 3 corn mazes, animal feeding, huge slides, hale bale maze and climbing area, pumpkin patch, and tons more.  They had a great time.  They are now outside working on their pumpkins.  Ari did her potato head pumpkin and had a great time with that.  This is Ben's 1st year to carve with the older 2 and he's super excited about that!  They are all currently cleaning out their pumpkins.

In other news.  Eli had his appt at the feeding clinic.  It went pretty well.  The therapist was really good and very patient with E.  He did horribly.  She said he has a severe oral aversion, which we knew.  She worked on basic oral stimulation and showed us lots of things she wants us to work on.  She said normally they would meet with us 1 to 2 times a week, but since we live so far away they will start with every 2 weeks right now.  So she gave us all of the tools to work from home with Eli.  Other than that he's doing pretty well.  We are working on alot with him right now so we try to be careful not to overload him.  He's still working on sitting completely stable, and still working on tummy time.  Eli has also got 2 new teeth poking thru.  They are 2 top teeth.  Not the normal 1st teeth.  But it's finally his 1st tooth and we are super excited!

Ari is doing good.  She had her "big girl school" again last week and absolutely loves it.  We are hoping to get her going 2 days a week come January.  She got her 1st big girl bookbag and loves it.  It's tinkerbell of course!  :)

Ben is simply ben.  We have gotten him off his meds, so the tantrums have come back in full force.  They are trying to decide which way to go next with medications.  They are finishing up all of his respite stuff.  All we have left is finding the perfect worker.  We are supposed to meet with 1 next week.  His meeting at school is the end of next week.  Hopefully we can get something accomplished with this upcoming meeting.

Jace is doing good.  He's as busy as always.  He's been enjoying this cooler weather and has basically been living outdoors.  School is going well for him and he's enjoying it.

Emily is good.  Her 10th bday is coming up and she's super excited for the double digits.  She's got her bday party planned and is looking forward to it.  She's taking some friends to Night of the Living Zoo and then having a sleepover.  She spends alot of time downloading new music to her Ipod and listening.  Music is by far her favorite thing.  She's got 2 gift cards she's getting ready to use, so I'm sure we will all be hearing lots of new music thru the house!

Bob is miserable.  His allergies are really kicking him in the butt this year.  The doctor has him on multiple meds trying to get it under control.  He woke up 1 morning last week and couldn't even see because his eyes were so swollen.  He's missed a few days of work.  He's spent alot of his time sleeping.

I'm ok.  I have my appt coming up on monday to figure out what's going on.  My doc isn't sure if it's complications from my hysterectomy or what's going on.  I'm hoping for some answers and a solution though because it's really uncomfy and really affecting quality of life.

Life will be busy from now until pretty much January!  :)  This is by far our busiest time of year, but for sure my favorite time of year!  I love the holiday season and I'm really excited to be spending it with my 6 favorite people!  :)   I will get pictures up later today or tomorrow!

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