Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Tuesday Updates

It's been an interesting few days being dumped into an IEP/ISD nightmare.  Benjamin's ISD meeting was yesterday afternoon while he was in school.  We had great conversation and discussed and made plans for everything that was left to be taken care of.  Then we left the meeting and came home feeling fairly confident that things were going in the direction that we needed.  Ben got off the bus grumpy and we quickly figured out why.  He had injuries on his arm that came from the same boy who Ben's been having trouble with all year.  We've had to file multiple reports with this boy injuring Ben and clearly the problem still hasn't been solved.  So this time Ben had large marks on his upper arm, where he says the boy grabbed him and twisted.  So incident reports were filed and lots of people were called.  There is going to be a team meeting because obviously things need to be changed around at school.  The school attempted to deny me an IEP Team meeting, and I turned them in with a formal complaint.  So hopefully this will be resolved quickly.  Currently Ben doesn't want to take the bus so Bob and I drove him today.  Then this afternoon we had his in-home intake meeting to get his respite services started and we will also be getting his TEACH training done soon as well.

Ari is doing pretty good.  The more she is away from Ben the better she does.  She's looking forward to her kids day out coming up on Thursday!

Jace is doing well.  Busy with school.  He's looking forward to family night at his school tonight.

Emily is doing well. She's getting all of her testing finished up for the gifted program, and is enjoying the work.  Her 10th birthday is coming up and she's super happy about being in the "double digits". 

Eli is doing pretty good.  We are working right now to readjust his feeds and hoping to get back to 5 feeds a day.  He's slowly working on sitting for longer stretches at a time without falling over.  Tomorrow we head to KC for the day for his appt at the feeding clinic.  I'm looking forward to what they have to say. 

Bob has been sick this last week.  All of his lab work came back from his initial appt 2 weeks ago, and there were a few problems.  They are getting him sent to a specialist soon, and in the mean time they are working to get his meds situated better.

I'm ok.  Exhausted.  My meds aren't the funnest and I'm hoping all the side effects go away quickly.  I've been having alot of discomfort, so I have an appt with my OB coming up soon for additional testing. 

That's about all around here.  Busy as always but not a whole lot new to report!  :)
More soon!

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