Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Evening Update

Well life is never simple.  Eli had a major choking episode on friday.  He was not able to get air moving for around 1 to 1 1/2 minutes.  SUPER scary.  Called the surgeon.  She has decided to switch his GTube to a GJ Tube.  We have soo many mixed feelings about this. Here is a great website for those who don't know/understand what a GJ tube is Complex Kids Website .  Basically instead of the food going into his stomach it will go into his jejunum, which is the small intestines.  By doing this hopefully it will keep him from refluxing and choking and aspirating.  There are obviously alot of downsides as well, that definately concern us.
Eli checks into the hospital monday morning and it's done in interventional radiology.  It's an outpatient thing.  We'll see how it goes.

In other news.  Emily is at her grandparents for the weekend.  It's her bday present from them.  She's hanging out, eating out, and shopping, all sibling free!  Jace had a bday party this afternoon.  Last night Ben had respite, Eli had a nurse, Emily was gone, and Jace and Ari had a babysitter.  SOOO Bob and I went out for a bit.  Dinner and a movie.  It was nice.  We also ran by the Y and got all the kids signed up for their next month of Y classes.  Ari will still do her Kids day out, Ben will do gymnastics, and the older 4 will all do swimming lessons.

Tomorrow everyone heads off to church,  leaving Bob, Eli, and I.  Hoping to go on a walk and get some laundry done.  Super exciting!
More updates soon!

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