Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Full Daily Update!

Let me see.  Where to begin. 
Saturday~ Bob spent some time resting and we did some stuff around the house.  Emily's friends came over Saturday afternoon.  We did a finger food dinner and then everyone got dressed up in their costumes.  We headed to the Zoo for Night of the Living Zoo.  They all had alot of fun.  It went way smoother than expected..2 adults and 7 kids!  :)  Saturday evening we came home and the little ones went to bed and the girls stayed up super late watching movies.
Sunday~ They girls woke up fairly early actually.  We did a big breakfast.  Emily stayed home with her friends and the other 3 headed to church with grandpa.  When one of the mom's came they invited Emily to spend the afternoon at the pumpkin patch.  She happily went.  So Bob and I loaded Eli up for a nice long walk!  Sunday evening Bob and I went downstairs and packed up every single toy and locked them all away.  ALL of them.  They refuse to clean up, and we have had enough.  They will have to slowly earn them back.
Monday~ HMMM.  Oh, Eli had PT and speech.  He did pretty well.  Then we immediately headed out to his surgeon appt.  We met with a new kidney surgeon from OU Children's Hospital.  It looks like we may be switching alot of Eli's docs there.  We will be going down to meet with him next time in Oklahome and will do a full hospital tour.  The rest of the day was just catch up.
Tuesday~ Eli had his next feeding clinic appt in KC.  He did decent.  We finally got somewhere with the lack of communication with the surgeon.  We filed a full grievance report and got patient advocate involved.  The surgeon is supposed to be personally calling us in the morning.  We'll see how that goes.  This took the entire day.  It was exhausting.
Wednesday~ Today was Ben's IEP meeting.  There were 12 of us there today.  It was interesting.  Alot of disagreeing, alot of words exchanged, alot of pushing of viewpoints.  In the end (2 dang hrs later) we came to an agreement and made a plan.  Tons of stuff on his IEP has been changed.  I told them straight up if he comes home with bruises again we will be contacting a lawyer.  Reports have already been filed thru his case management and with DRC, so they knew we weren't kidding.  We have daily check-ins right now with his teacher to keep close eye on how the changes are working.
Today is also my oldest child's 10th birthday.  HOLY COW.  This decade has flown by.  I can't believe that she's 10.  Emily is super excited to finally have acheived the final double digits.  She got alot of great presents.  From her friends a Twilight calendar and stickers, huge candy bar, jewelery making kit, flicka 2 DVD, necklace, and a few other things.  From Bob and I, earrings, her school hoodie that she's been begging for, and her big present this year was a pair of Klipsch headphones for her IPOD.  She's been using them for the last hour straight loving the heck out of the sound quality and their noise cancelling abilities.  She's super excited.  We are doing her birthday dinner here tonight and she will celebrate with her grandparents tomorrow.

As of today Eli is officially sick.  Fever, coughing, gagging, choking, and diarrhea, lethargic and super fussy.  Doc has him off feeds and back on our lovely pedialyte diet.  Hoping this doesn't progress and get worse.
The rest of this week will be busy as well.  Ari has her costume parade and fall party tomorrow, and so does Ben.  Then on Friday Emily and Jace have their costume parades and fall parties.  Bob will hopefully be getting his lab results back tomorrow. 
Dinner is ready, so I will try and get pics up later tonight!

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