Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 Appointments done...updates on all

Update from the day.
Eli~ Tiny had his upper GI. They did some goofy testing and nobody is really trusting the results. Sooo Eli is on continuous feeds, instead of his regular feed scheduale. So hopefully keeping the smaller amounts in his stomach we can make it till his surgery on Monday.

Ben~ Had Ben's meeting today. Finally seems as though we are going to get somewhere. They suggested putting Benjamin in an in-home respite from Friday to Monday, but we chose not to have him leave the home yet. So instead he will be going to a day respite program on Saturdays and then he will have in home supports after school and during bedtime each week. Everyone is in agreement that it's the new medication that is causing alot of these new problems, so the rush is on to find a specialist to get the meds figured out correctly. We are also going to be having an emergency meeting with everyone next week, hopefully wednesday to get long term plans in effect. Hopefully this will all end up making everything safer for Ben and for the rest of the kids.

Me~ I had my check in with the doc after all of my labs. She says all of the problems with my ovaries and PCOS have caused a metabolic disorder and the PCOS is really flaring up. She's putting me on some meds to try to help get everything resituated and hopefully get me feeling better.

so that pretty much covers the day. Tonight if all goes well I'm heading to SnB. Eli has his nurse, the older 4 go to my parents for dinner on Thursday nights, and Bob will actually get to work tonight. Fingers crossed!

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