Monday, September 20, 2010

Time Keeps Flying

Time keeps flying by. I keep saying I'll update more often, and then next thing I know its been a week. I get tons of emails, texts, and calls when I don't update so I figured it would be quicker to just get on and update! :)

Eli is doing well. He rolled to his tummy from his back, not once but twice!!! He did this a few days ago. He hasn't done it since but I'll take it! He's got a double ear infection at the moment, so that's not been super fun. His coughing is getting better and better. He has his overnight nurses until the end of the month and then they end. We have been super thankful for their help during his recovery, but we are looking forward to getting back to our normal day nurse scheduale!

Ari is doing good. She's going to start going to a Mom's Day Out at the Y, and hopefully getting started in a gymnastics class. She's missing being around kids her age so she's excited to get to go. She thinks its school! :)

Ben is doing pretty good in school. We had his conferences last week. Academically he's doing well. She's starting to have a bit of a problem with him roaming the classroom and has to call him back to his seat multiple times. His 1 on 1 stays back alot and waits to see how he does before she steps in and helps. Encouraging him to use his words and ask for help. He got to use the computer at school today so he was super excited about that!

Jace is doing ok. His language and writing is really struggling. They are having the child life team come in and do some deeper testing to find out for sure why he might be struggling. In other areas he's doing super well. They got his speech restarted as well.

Emily is doing well. She's enjoying being in school, as long as the work can be kept challenging enough. We will be meeting with her teacher this next week for conferences.

This last weekend we spent this last Saturday afternoon at a local park for Family Fun day. All of the activities were free, and they had TONS of activities. They got to go kayaking, paddle boating, played tons of games, and had a great time. Once I get the pictures all sorted out I will get them up!

Bob is back to work today. It's been nice having him home. I'm just trying to get back into the routine of being home with the little people and getting the house reorganized. We are completely caught up in 2 out of 3 classes, and are working to get caught up in the 3rd. Our teachers have been amazing so that's definitely helped! The last big news is I filed for divorce and child support about 2 weeks ago. Child support is already in affect and signed by the judge, now if he'll just pay the full amount. Luckily back child support will start to build up and I can garnish if needed.

More updates soon! I promise!

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