Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Quick Check In

Today was my testing. I had a mammogram and then a breast ultrasound. They took a TON of pictures and I met with the doctor immediately following both tests. She said everything looks great and we will do it all over again next year. She said in a few years as long as I don't have a new lump they will start adding in MRI's as well. So it's definitely a relief to know all is good so far!

Mr Eli had his appt with his pediatrician today. We combined his out of hospital recheck with his pre-surgery check. She said his ears and everything look great. She has decided not to release him for Parents as Teachers as she doesn't want him around that many kids and exposed to that much. He is refluxing some again today and choked this evening. So I get to hang out and watch him for signs of aspiration like always. I hate having to watch him go thru all this.

The older 4 are ok. Emily and Jace are busy with school. Jace lost another tooth yesterday. Ben is still very excited about having lost his 1st tooth. Ari is a disaster same as Ben.

Sorry for this update being so short. Tons I'm hoping to get done tonight.

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