Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Wednesday Check In

CMH called today to get Eli schedualed for his testing. He goes Oct 13th. He will meet with OT, PT, and the feeding clinic. I'm not sure exactly what they will do. I just know this is the next step before his motility testing. Hoping he does well with his surgery so he can go. Eli also had PT today and did pretty well. He's still working on rolling although it's still alot of work for him and makes him super tired. Eli's doing well with his new nurse. She's been with him for a few days and all is going well so far. Fingers crossed that it all goes well as it's been quite a while since we've had a full nursing staff. We've been able to completely phase out the night nurses so we are back to just our normal regular hrs of day nurses.

Ben and Ari are completely out of control. Last night was definitely the breaking point. We are all having an emergency meeting tomorrow to decide what next with Ben. His meds aren't working and he's struggling at home and school. The choices are going to come down to some sort of inpatient program are full inhome support when he's home to work with him and keep an eye 100% of the time. We will know more tomorrow after the meeting. Once Ben's issues are resolved, we have confidence in Ari situating back down to normal very quickly.

Jace and Emily are doing well. They do everything they can to stay as far away from Ben as possible. The good news is they are getting along with each other so much better as they are spending all of their time together away from the younger too! Hidden bonus. lol.

Bob and I are same as always. Busy and rushed and hectic. We've been trying to get out every day to atleast go on a walk around the neighborhood. I feel so much better if we get a fresh air walk. Tomorrow is my doc appt to go over all of my lab work and find out what next.

Not much else knew I can think of. Like always it's just doing what we can to make it thru each day. More updates soon.

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